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Research Assistant position in the Soukas lab, MGH/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA


A Research Assistant/Technician position is available in the Soukas lab in Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. The Soukas lab, located in the ultramodern Simches Research Building within the Center for Genomic Medicine, studies the complex genetics of obesity and diabetes using vertebrate and invertebrate genetics, physiology, and metabolism.


We are seeking a highly motivated individual with at least a Bachelor's degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, biological or related sciences. Prior lab experience is required, and experience with mice and cell culture is also of tremendous value. The lab technician will be a full member of the lab, participating in research and in lab management and organizational tasks. The job will include independent scientific and organizational duties such as conducting an independent research project, keeping meticulous records, and presenting at lab meetings and scientific conferences.  It is important that the candidate possess an eagerness to learn new scientific ideas and methods. For highly motivated individuals it is expected that they will contribute to the lab’s publications and will accordingly be credited with authorship on scientific manuscripts.


A two-year commitment is preferred. Interested applicants should submit CV and references to

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